Meet Josh

I’m not running for Congress, I’m running to reform Congress.

I’m a 4th generation rancher. I’m a committed Christian, a husband, father and I’ve operated a small heavy equipment and trucking business. I grew up learning the value of hard work cleaning horse stalls, breaking colts, and hauling square bales. I served as state president of the Oklahoma FFA Association and graduated from OSU. I was fortunate to serve Sen. Tom Coburn as his Field Representative to Southeastern OK.

My wife Kacie and I live with our four children on our ranch in Coal County.

I self-term-limited in the Oklahoma State Senate, where I stood strong against tax increases, debt, wasteful spending and I led the fight against Common Core in our schools. Like my mentor, Dr. Coburn, I kept my term-limit pledge and prioritized principle over politics. I don’t and won’t play political games. I will confront them.
Winning elections means nothing if we lose our nation.

We the People must demand virtue in D.C. again. We can restore our nation but only if we elect leaders who practice self-restraint over selfish gain, and value character over careerism. We need promise keepers not power seekers.

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