Official Endorsements

President Donald Trump

“Josh Brecheen will be a tremendous advocate for the people of Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District! Josh was a fearless conservative in the Oklahoma Senate, and in Congress, Josh will defend the Second Amendment, Fight Inflation, Champion American Oil and Gas, Support our Military and Vets, Stand for Law and Order, and Secure our Southern Border. Josh Brecheen has my complete and total endorsement!”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

“I’m proud to endorse Josh Brecheen for Congress in Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District. Josh will put the nation’s interests above his own and he will fight to secure the border, protect life, and put parents back in charge of their kids’ education. I invite all my fellow conservatives in the 2nd District to join me in supporting Josh Brecheen for Congress on August 23rd.”

“Josh Brecheen is an entrepreneur who understands the values that are important to small business owners. He has been a consistent voice for small business during his time in the Oklahoma Senate, supporting policies that lowered taxes and decreased debt. If elected, his top priorities in Congress will be to help stabilize the economy and reduce regulations that negatively impact small businesses. Josh Brecheen will continue to fight for small business in Congress, and we look forward to continuing to work with him. Josh Brecheen understands firsthand the challenges small business owners face. He will be a strong advocate of Main Street in Congress, and we are pleased to endorse him today.”

“It is my pleasure to be among the many conservatives who are supporting Josh Brecheen’s candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for the state of Oklahoma. Josh is a strong conservative who will support legislation which bolsters the institution of family. During his tenure in the Oklahoma Senate, he was unwaveringly pro-life and can be counted on to be a voice for the unborn. Josh is also a man of principles, character, ethics, and integrity. For years, I have joined millions of people across America in praying that God would raise-up leaders to restore this great nation. I am excited that Josh answered that call and has stepped up to offer his services to the people of Oklahoma. As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Josh Brecheen for Congress, and pray that his election will be the start of a new generation of leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.”

Widow of US Senator Tom Coburn
and wife of 52 years.
Picture: via Associated Press

Former Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman

“Josh is the true conservative choice in Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional race to represent this God-blessed-constitutional-republic. To have a true America-first agenda, we must have leaders willing to put themselves second to convenience, fame, and politics as usual. Josh will serve with integrity and consistency, upholding the constitution and biblical values, and has the record to prove it from his self-term-limited time in the State Senate. Josh Brecheen is the real deal, a brother, a friend, and a constitutionalist. Josh has my formal endorsement and full support. Join us in sending a constitutional conservative to Washington DC.“

“ If you want a man with integrity, courage and conviction in Washington, you must vote for Josh Brecheen. He’s the mirror reflection of his mentor, the late Senator Tom Coburn. Brecheen is the best because he learned from the best.”

Former Congressional District 2 Candidate

“There are few men I will support due to the lack of integrity to stand for the fundamental freedoms we are to strive and thrive for in America. Josh Brecheen is one of those few men I will support. Spending time around him and his family during my time campaigning for Congress, I can say without a doubt he will stand up and fight to protect all the individual rights of Oklahomans in DC. He cannot be bought off as his moral character runs deep into his Christian faith. I urge you to support my family’s support for Brecheen in Congress.”

Former NASA Director and Congressman

“Josh is the type of courageous conservative we need in Congress. As a state senator, he proved he could be trusted, standing firm against government overreach and opposing leadership in both parties when they tried to raise taxes. You will not find that caliber of authenticity often. Most will cave to the pressure of being told to fall in line but Josh Brecheen refused to do so.

We need more representatives in Washington who are willing to take a stand for what they believe – not just on television ads but behind closed doors. I am confident that Josh is a man of integrity and I am proud to endorse him for the US House. He has my support and I hope you will support him as well.”

Wagoner County Clerk

“Josh Brecheen is a proven champion for fiscal responsibility, eliminating waste and standing up for conservative values. As our Congressman, I have every confidence he will fight against overreach and to return the Federal Government to its proper role as defined by our Constitution. I am proud to offer him my enthusiastic endorsement.”

“Josh Brecheen has proven from his record, not just his rhetoric, that he supports a free-market and conservative agenda. Right now, with all the chaos throughout the country, he is an outstanding candidate who I am thrilled to support.”

Michele Bachmann

“I am pleased to endorse Josh Brecheen for the U.S. House in Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District. Josh is a true fiscal and social conservative with a voting record that backs up that statement. We need Representatives in Washington D.C. who will return our government to Constitutional adherence and who are not risk averse in standing solid on Biblical truths. Josh is that leader in this race.  I encourage all Oklahoma voters, in Congressional District 2, to support Josh Brecheen.”

David Barton

“…select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, men who are trustworthy and who hate dishonest gain…” Exodus 18:21

“Our Nation is hungry for men and women who meet the Biblical criteria of leadership described above. Oklahoma has found such a candidate in Josh Brecheen. Not only is Josh capable, trustworthy, God-fearing and upright, but he is devoted to the United States Constitution and is a student of its inspired founders. Josh understands the wisdom that established this Nation and his commitment to Biblical and constitutional boundaries make him the distinguished choice for Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District.”