The Issues

The federal government has evolved beyond anything the founders of our nation intended or even imagined. We must reduce Washington’s influence in our daily lives. The most effective way to do that is to pass term limits on Members of Congress.

The last thing we need to do is send another politician to Washington. We need statesmen who put the national interest above self interest. The most effective solution to eliminate corruption in Washington D.C. is to enact term limits. I honored my term limits pledge when I served in the State Senate and will do so again.

We must enact term limits. I honored my term limits pledge when I served in the State Senate and will do so again. If elected, I will serve no more than four terms in the House Of Representatives.

A nation cannot exist without borders. The immigration crisis at the Southern border is a result of decades of misguided policies that neglect border security and disregard the rule of law. We must enforce the rule of law and we must build the wall at the Southern border.

The education of children in America is a parental responsibility. Education policy must recognize this fundamental truth. There should be no federal role in education.

All of us are feeling the devastating impact of inflation. The inflation crisis in America is the direct result of the Democrats’ interference in the economy. By artificially pumping trillions into the economy, career politicians are destroying the buying power of those they intended to help. The remedy for inflation is to stop government’s runaway spending.

America’s current financial path is unsustainable. We must course correct by cutting spending, reducing the size and scope of government, and increasing revenue through growth — not tax increases. We must put America on a sustainable path. It is not an option.

Life begins at conception. All Americans, born and pre-born are created by God and deserve the protection afforded them by the Constitution. We must protect life.

We must protect Social Security and Medicare.

The world is a very dangerous place and these are sobering times. America will remain free only if America is strong. We must provide for a strong national defense. It is not optional.

These are extraordinary times, it’s going to take courage and hard work to course correct and put America back on the right track. I believe the greatest challenge for all those called to public service is to help America course correct without sacrificing time with our families.

The left’s foolish and misguided efforts to defund the police have resulted in skyrocketing crime rates and countless lives shattered by violent crimes. I support our local law enforcement. We must back the blue.

I strongly support our second amendment rights to bear arms.
If we lose the second amendment, then our first amendment rights
will soon fall.

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